Its a streak! For the second Thursday, the same two PAX arrived at the break of dawn for a little beatdown. Once again, the workout was a bit extemporaneous but it worked out well.

Warm up
Jog around the parking lot loop to the PAINground
SSH x 20
Windmills x 20
Good mornings x 20

Pull-up pyramid
Since this worked so well on Tuesday, it was repeated
10 pull ups/ 4 dips
8 pull ups/ 8 dips
6 pull ups/ 12 dips
4 pull ups/ 16 dips
2 pull ups/ 20 dips

Derkin pyramid
High derkins 10/ Medium derkins 2
High derkins 8/ Medium derkins 4
High derkins 6/ Medium derkins 6
High derkins 4/ Medium derkins 8
High derkins 2/ Medium derkins 10

Mosey to the turf field
Ark Loader
25 yards bear crawl, 20 jump lunges
25 yards dinosaur walk (walking lunges), 30 Russian Hammers
25 yards caterpillar walk, 30 knee to chest jumps
25 yards traveling burpees, 20 WWII sit-ups

Because the animals went in pairs….REPEATO

LBC x 30
Froggers x 30
6″ leg raise x 40
Heels to Heaven x 30

Moleskin: Nice work today GunShow. He mentioned that it is already getting easier for him after 3 workouts. Aye!