This morning, fresh off a full nights sleep (1.5 hrs) YHC arrived to lead a pax of nine eager men to undiscovered areas of the containment area.

The VSF was planted and off we went.

Mosey to the bank for warm up. GM x 21, IW x 15, Prisoner Squats x 15. Squat hold jump ups x 5 (held at the bottom for quite a while).

Lunge walk to the Chamber of Commerce Lawn for some super man merkins x 5

Mosey to the parking deck. Yes, Dinali, there is a parking deck in Cary. run to the bottom of the stairwell so we could run to the top. starting at the top of the top, we do a nice rousing round of 11s with merkins and squats. YHC must now confess that he omitted two rounds of his set, as the lack of sleep and high dose of meds were about to spill themselves all over that deck.

Mary – RLBC x 23, LBC x 21, CB x 25, Rosa x 10, HD x 10, WWII x 25, PE Situps x 10.

Down the steps to the garden for . dank derkinss with parter x 5, flapjack, repeato.

Lungewalk to town hall lawn for a double dose of the Cakalaki chop choo.

run to the starting line for the finale of quick feet x 15, incline planks x 50, quick feet x 15, Dry Docks x 15, and quick feet x 15.


Players retreat coming up. YHC hears it is tonight, but it is legally next week according to protocol. Oh well, show up both nights.

Memorial Day Murph on memorial day. Pullen Park. 0700. No other Raleigh workouts that day.

Bunch of mudders and races coming up. stay tunes.

Prayers went out for a bunch of ailing folks who need comfort.