In this episode of F3 Durham, 3 loyal PAX showed up awaiting the EPIC beatdown promised us by Seinfeld…..only to realize….yeah, he’s not coming….again. So it was up to us to extemporaneously come up with a workout that would satisfy our soon to be cookie filled bellies. Additionally, we found time to mock those who weren’t able to be with us today…..

Starting with Seinfeld who, although is a surgeon and very intelligent, couldn’t figure out how to use his iPhone alarm. Slacker.

Warm up:
Run 100 yds
High knees x 50 yards
Walking Lunges, White Shoe style (which consists of not really doing a walking lunge, but rather walking fast doing figure 8’s with your hands between your legs, weird, right?)
LBAC x ?
Good Mornings x ?
We then mocked SeanJon (who hasn’t ever even come to F3) and reserved the future name for him Double D.

The Pyramid Scheme
We decided (as we always do when the stated Q fails to show) to split up the workout into 3 different pyramid ladders.

Pullup, Merkin, Airsquat pyramid. Each Pax rotates through each station
10 pullups
20 Merkins
30 Airsquats

8 pullups
16 Merkins
24 Airsquats

Etc. Etc.

Staircase pyramid.
At the bottom, do People’s chair. At top, tip toe raises. We decided to do a White Shoe version of the People’s chair in which we again did Figure 8’s between our legs.
8 flights
6 flights
4 flights
2 flights

Burpees/B2W pushup: At this point, Flying J is thrown under the bus as we do our version of Flying J burpees in which you flail your legs way into the air during the first phase. Floyd then brought up the Flying J side shuffle hop in which the arms are kept completely straight.
50 yd sprint/10 burpees/50 yd sprint/2 B2W pushup
50 yd sprint/8 burpees/50 yd sprint/ 4 B2W pushup
50 yd sprint/6 burpees/50 yd sprint/6 B2W pushup
Ran out of time

COT (White shoe style with hands behind knees in weird prayer semi-squat…I really can’t adequately describe how awkward this was).
Riggs had a moving prayer in which he said he hoped to meet the Lord this week. In the last (and probably most sacrilegious mock of all) Floyd clarified that he really wasn’t ready to die, didn’t want to meet the Lord face to face, so he hoped he only felt the Lord’s spirit this week. It was that kind of a day I guess.


Merry Christmas Everyone!
Workouts resume Thursday 12/26, Tobacco Road (Herndon Park) at 5:30am.