Six PAX abandoned the usual #Hopebuilder schedule and bypassed the disclaimer. We planted the VSF in the lobby of Duke Raleigh Hospital and prepared to venture upstairs to ICU to see Dufrense. Our brother has been in the hospital following a partially collapsed lung and complications on the road to recovery. Due to his hospitalization, Dufresne and MDufresne we’re not able to attend last Thursday’s F3 Christmas party. Below is the prayer Dufresne prepared to be shared. Thanks to White Shoe for planting the seed.

From Dufresne: God, Our Heavenly Father and Creator of all things, thank you for all the many blessings you have kindly bestowed upon me: my beautiful wife Erica and our wonderful children Braxton and Annalise, my family, my friends, and especially the men of F3.  The fellowship, the fitness, and especially the faith are given unselfishly. God I do not know how I could do without my F3 brothers. The comradery, the workouts, and the prayers all do me tremendous good. The hope builders have awesome men associated within the group as it relates to faith. I do appreciate the healing that has taken place in my life and I’m expecting ongoing healing all based on your kindness and amazing grace. There is a faith that precedes all healing and power. Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. I have hope and optimism that another healing will occur. God, I’m looking forward to that day. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Orwell had suggested we visit Dufresne and sing some carols…a new endeavor for hopebuilder. Just as when we began this journey, what we lack in expertise (PT training), we more than make up for in enthusiasm. Slash led is through all the classics and Dufresne smiled several times. We were off key and it was definitely a smile, not a wince. Orwell led us in prayer, a prayer for healing and strength.  YHC read the story of Christ’s birth from Luke (NIV). We let Dufresne know we loved him and we’d be back tomorrow. Hope is a good thing.  Maybe the best of things. Merry Christmas Dufresne and F3 Nation.

We will continue the visits until Dufresne is back home. That will likely be later this week. In the meantime, sign up and join us at Duke Raleigh.  We will pick up the workouts later, but our focus is on Dufresne and his family for now.