Record breaking temps on a damp and balmy December morn brought out a strong and boisterous (more on that later) PAX of 28 — not a record breaking crowd at North Hills, but likely close.


The thang:

Side Shuffle Hop, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, Good Morning, Sir Fazio Arm Circles.

Indian Run – down Currituck, Yadkin, and Davidson.

Stop at Hyde Hill for:

– Bear crawl up Hyde Hill, 40 merkins/40 LBCs, jog down
– Gorilla walk up Hyde Hill, 30 merkins/30 LBCs, jog down
– Bear crawl up Hyde Hill, 20 merkins/20 LBCs, jog down
– Sprint up Hyde Hill, 10 merkins/10 LBCs, jog down

Run back to NH Parking Lot:

– Group 1:  Lunge walk, 10 burpees; Group 2: Chillcut (flapjack)

– Group 1:  Crab walk, 10 burpees; Group 2: Prisoner squats (flapjack)

– All:  Frog jump, 10 burpees


– Knee-ups, Freedom hammers



Continued prayers for Dufresne’s recovery and M. Electrolux’s comfort/diagnosis, as well as those traveling this week.  No workouts WED — otherwise, normal schedule.  New Year’s Day Convergence at Fletcher.  7am.  Bring a FNG.

Now for the Popeye reference.  Not surprisingly, 12+ months of early Monday morning fun has reached a tipping point for the neighbors surrounding the entrance to North Hills Park.  So, while we assess the situation, effective immediately, please observe the following when posting at NH:

  • Please quietly shut car doors when arriving/departing and disarm lock/unlock chirps, beeps, etc.
  • Please keep the volume of cadence counts to a minimum and watch noise levels at the pre-workout gathering.
  • Q’s — please move warmup circles to the upper parking lot by the tennis courts.

Thanks in advance for your help rectifying the issue.  Aye!



Posted by Elsinore on behalf of Cotton.