Since most of us are on vacation this week, to save planning time and any mental stimulation, this week was deemed (in advance) to be a collaborative Q effort with all pax on alert that they could be called upon at any time to deliver an exercise.  An extra 15 minutes was added to counteract whatever mess the pax would eat tomorrow while presumably skipping their standard Wed workout.  Rough plan was for 1-2 minute jogs stopping in random places for an exercise of choice by a Q named during the jog.  As it was Christmas Eve, all reps would be 12s or 24s (violated early and often).

The Thang (as best I recall as nothing was planned in advance):

Epoxy led jog around the lake stopping at large circle for warmup.  SSH x 23 (oops, off to a bad start), Good mornings x12, Windmills x 12, Merkins x24, Mtn climbers x12.  At least when a rep cleared #12, you knew where you were going!!!

On jog, Eight Mile handed the Q.  Stopped at steps on far side of lake for quick feet x24 and incline merkins x12 I think.

Continue jog with lunge walks across both bridges.

Cee Lo takes over Q for Freddie Mercury x24 and LBC x24.  Continue jog to benches near carousel where Brown and Horshack took over.  Horshack led step-ups x24; Brown some sort of Mary that I can’t recall.

Continue jog to parking lot and split into 2 groups.  1s, led by 007, sprint to top of lot and back while 2s, led by Fazio, performed prisoner squats.  Flap jack.  Set 2: Sprint to top while other group did merkins.  Flap jack.  Set 3: Karaoke / planks perhaps ….flap jack.

Gnard Dogg led jog up and down large stairs several times and to pavilion for jump-ups x 12, dips x12.  Floppy led star jumps x12.

Wilson took over and led us to tennis courts for various suicides split in 2 groups.  Other group does balls to wall and peoples chair during suicides.

Mr. Rogers led us to rock pile for curls x24, overhead press x12, and tricep extensions x12 trading rocks to right each set.  Epoxy led a set of 12 merkins – chest must touch rock on the downs with several holds at the bottom.  Frankenstein hold for random count.  Handoff to our friend from Columbia (sorry about name) who led squat / overhead press with rocks for 2 difficult sets (2nd set “because the first one felt good”).

Steroid leads final run from tennis court past NC State, down to Western where we planked to allow the group to consolidate.  Finish up in circle right inside the main gate for Mary just as Countrywide is arriving for the 7am workout. Welcome Countrywide! All pax lead count of 5 for Mary of their choice around the circle rapid fire.  Final exercise is 5 count from each pax rotating Superman / Banana / Superman/ Banana, etc. around the circle.

Announcements:  Tomorrow is Christmas!  No Wednesday workouts.  Thursday workouts are as scheduled.  TheForge will be 6-7am next week (same as this week) to allow for pre-New Years calorie burn with coffee to follow.

Welcome FNGs Bethlehem and Peaches.  Peaches should have been Gurley or Herschel to pay for blurting out “Yellow Jacket” before we were given a chance to name him, but I digress.  Peaches is bad enough I suppose.

Orwell shared Dufresne’s prayer that was read at the Christmas party.  As Epoxy nor anyone there could improve upon that prayer, we parted.

And now for the inspiration for the BB title:  Huge thanks to Cee Lo and Square Toe for sharing Square Toe’s various Alabama title rings (7-8 or were there more?).  We had been talking about how excited 007 was that he was part of the group to which 007 said “maybe I can see his rings some time”.  Well, the boys delivered!!!  You guys made 007’s day.  I deem Square Toe (Alabama’s Jeremy Shelley) Lord of the Rings.  Some of us simply wish for our team to make a decent bowl, and he’s got 3 title rings…impressive.

Merry Christmas to all……