First- The Judge (9/25): All was well and everyone was thoroughly sick of the rails and the wall by the end. Denali made the sensible judgement and rested through a portion of the end #back #wheredhego #walkietalkie?

Second FZ (9/26)- So we started with THE SHOWDOWN in the extra credit portion, which actually wasn’t a showdown at all because CK hurt himself playing in his yard. #plankforCK┬áThe event has been tentatively rescheduled for 10/10 pending CK’s recovery. Well done to FNG Baby Farley for starting off F3 right with extra credit, even if you did Au Pair it there for a sec, #yesiheardyou #nohardhat

here’s how the showdown worked: Jog to the top of the parking deck- 50x merkins, Lunge walk across the deck from the building side towards the creek (not lengthwise) tap the far wall sprint back, REPEATO, jog back down the stairs plank until the other workout begins…

And here’s the regular workout (for a total of 24 PAX). warm up: 6x Good mornings, 12x imperial walkers, 12x mountain climbers jog to the base of the long ramp behind best buy.

Partner up: you and your partner run a ladder of 5x,10x,15x partner handstand merkins (each of you does the reps at the top) upon completion, straight into LBCs until all pairs complete. Then Jog to the side of Belks for what you got stuck with for the rest of the workout.

each pair pairs to form groups of 4. one pair stays at the wall by belks and rotates between 15x hand release merkins and wall sits (partners alternate), the other pair sprints down to the bridge and does the following rotation 7x pull ups and nipplers, the pull ups being the timer exercise (partners alternate). The timing exercise here was the pull ups. each partner did 2 sets. Once thsoe were completed, you sprint back and tag out the group with the wall sits/ hand release merkins. By my count we did 4 rotations, pretty impressive which means 56 pull ups, not too shabby.

Upon the last rotation YHC called all groups to line up on the Belk’s side for a full pace sprint back across the lot and down the stairs to cars for some Merry Mary.

Mary: 20x box cutters, 20x LBCs, 50x side to side ankle grabs.

Third True Grit (9/30): 10 Pax split into groups of 5 (eventually)

warm up- Jog to the dock, 7x good mornings, 12x imperial walkers, 12x mountain climbers, 7x windmills. Enough Chatter.

2 stations for this workout. 1: Derkin/Irkin Dock 10x,8x,6x,4x,2x Derkin alternating with 5x,4x,3x,2x,1x Irkins.

2: 3x pull up variation- chin to right hand, chin to left hand =1. everyone else does a sideways bearcrawl loop over the picnic tables until it’s their turn for the bars.

Station 1 was the time exercise. Fast paced jog between stations to allow max reps for the groups. This morning it was 2. During the first rotation Bob Ross lost his footing and rolled his ankle we instructed him to walk it off and if he felt up to it #plankforCK.

When we reached 6:07 we met in the middle on the dam. bear crawl down the dam, run back up. it was at this point that we picked up Bob Ross (literally) and lunged walked back down the hill to the parking lot for more merry mary.

Mary: 30x hammer, 30x WW2 sit ups.


Sign up for the mule 10/25. Be ready for the mud run 10/4. The Blitz has moved to Carroll 545am start. New start time for Ball Bearings of 545am. New workout pre-the crick that features rucking- meet at 615 saturdays at the crick.

Prayer requests: Pray for Orwell’s father, Pray for my wife and I dealing with her/ our baby’s health insurance, prayers for Bill and his family who is suffering from Bone cancer and has been undergoing experimental chemo for 18 mos.

Excellent work to all parties at all 3 workouts. It is a privilege to lead you men.