After a solid set of beta workouts, the Quickhatch was launched. What is a Quickhatch? This is a synonym for a wolverine. An animal known for strength and tenacity. These characteristics embody the PAX in many ways. While on the surface it is easy to see that men willing to post in a 55 degree drizzling rain, embodies tenacity, and a 100 burpee set embodies strength, it always isn’t as easy to see the strength these men have beyond the workout in caring for the country, community, families, and fellow PAX. ┬áThe strength of the PAX grows stronger when they gather in number in the gloom to solidify the bonds of the through pain and teamwork.

The Quickhatch is the double down chance at The Crick on the weekends. It is a ruck style workout that focuses on teamwork and building the strength of the PAX. The workout is designed to be more than a chance improve your fitness, but also the chance to develop leadership, strength and tenacity.

The Thang:

Ruck on

Mosey around the soccer fields to the log stash.

Locate well in logs in the pitch black gloom

Right shoulder one four footer x 2 Pax

Add one sandbag

Ruck to intersection rotating log, sandbag

Merkins x 10

Hit one mile point return

Those without load finish with bear crawl

Ruck off


Increasing load means decreasing speed. 2 miles in 35 minutes all PAX stayed for The a Weekend Crick. Excellent showing again.

Looking for Qs for this workout. Sign-up under The Weekend Crick. Goruck guys strongly encouraged. Look for a November CSAUP ruck event for this workout.

No ruck 10/4 for mud run!

That is all.