mud is coming

16 PAX including Grady’s 2.0 “Superstar” posted in the gloom on yet another Monday edition of the Crucible.  As YHC pulled up, several early birds and Crucible regulars were already waiting.  YHC asked how many had read their twitter feed the night before and with only a few acknowledgments, I apologized in advance for what was comin’.  After consulting with my fellow site Q Wilson on Sunday, we both agreed that it was time for another off campus trip to visit our old friend RangeCrest Drive.  As YHC so tweeted the day before (Twitter Handle @F3TheCrucible), it’s Mud Run week and therefore we shall run.  And run we did…


Circle up for warm-ups:

  • SSH x 25 in cadence
  • Imperial Walkers x 25 in cadence
  • Prisoner Squat x 15 in cadence
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 in cadence

Count off – 16 PAX – we crossed Lynn Road over to Valley Lake and formed 2 lines of 8

Indian Run at least 1/2 mile to bottom of RangeCrest Drive, plank hold for all PAX to arrive.  After a brief recovery, YHC explained that we’d be spending some time on this hill which is shaped like a bell curve and so lets get familiar with it.

  • Sprint to the top (about 125-150 yards at a pretty steep incline and squat hold for rest of PAX
  • Sprint to the bottom on the other side (about 150 yards) and back to the top and squat hold for rest of PAX

The Teeter Totter – Staying in your Indian Run group, Group 1 would sprint down one side of RangeCrest and back while Group 2 would remain on top of the hill doing various called exercises.  When the running group returned, the other group would sprint down the opposite side of RangeCrest and back while the first group did the same called exercise on top of the hill.  The next time your group had to run, you would switch sides of RangeCrest so that you were not always running up and down the same side – this back and forth is why I call it the “Teeter Totter”.  Each group ran down and up both sides of the hill 2 times.  Called exercises were always OYO and AMRAP as follows:

  • LBC’s
  • Reverse LBC’s
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Merkins

YHC checked his watch and with 15 min to spare, we formed back into our 2 Indian Run groups and ran halfway down Rangecrest, took a left on Woodmere Drive and kept running back to Lynn Road (brief stop with a squat hold for some PAX to catch up – no man left behind rule).  At Lynn Road, we froggered across back to the parking lot in Williams Park for Mary.

  • In and Out’s x 15 in cadence
  • American Hammer x 25 in cadence
  • WWII Situps x 25 in cadence
  • 15 Burpees OYO


  • Major props go to Superstar for coming out with his dad at O’ Dark Thirty and for taking on the Rangecrest challenge.  The dude is a trooper and a bonefide superstar.  Grady I know you’re very proud.
  • Nameorama
  • Announcements – Mud Run week – check email for details and/or get up with Gnard Dogg to pay for the bus trip down
  • Prayer Requests – Orwell’s father made a slight rebound over the weekend, but the family knows its only a matter of time before he goes home to see Jesus.  Keep praying for the Lords will to be done.
  • YHC shared some thoughts from Friar Tucks sermon the day before regarding Philippians 4 and being reconciled.  Jesus paid the price on the cross so that we could be reconciled with our heavenly father but not only in that relationship, but our earthly relationships as well.  His death on the cross paves the way for us to forgive others and be reconciled to one another.  Let Jesus guide you as you work through any difficult relationship or situation that needs reconciliation.

Grady prayed us out.  PAX – as always, it was a pleasure leading you this AM.  Aye!