Sunday night I tweeted that my Q would be “FNG and 2.0 friendly”, but I guess nobody believed me as there was a dearth of 2.0’s and FNGs when I arrived at the site this morning.   11 PAX arrived at SEBTS to a dark but DRY field at SEBTS.  I emphasize DRY because every meteorologist I watched indicated that it wouldn’t rain until LATER in the day around 1PM.  About 10 minutes into the fun the bottom dropped out and we began our amphibious assault as I spotted animals walking two by two into a large ark.  I emphasize amphibious because as mentioned, we were originally dry, but no longer….which made me think of former NC State basketball standout Charles Shackelford and his now infamous “amphibious” interview… I almost forgot to provide the disclaimer, quickly remembered and then we took off to a nearby parking lot.


Jog Over to Parking lot behind Patterson

SSH x 20

GM x 20

SF Arm Circles x 20

IW x 20

MC x 20

CRAB Merkins x 10

Run over to high school parking deck for “BCG-a-rama”.  Half of deck bear crawl, half of deck crab, half gorilla, and then run back to beginning.  Initial instructions were to cycle through the BCG acronym so round one “BCG-run”, round two “CGB-run”, round three “GBC-run”…  After the first BCG-run an audible was called and we spliced in more runs and lunge walks amongst more crabs and bears.  At end of BCG-a-rama the pack ran back towards our starting point, past Patterson Hall, and down towards the soccer field for some fun with rocks. The thang:

Curls x 10

Shoulder Press x 10

Tricep Ext x 10

Row x 10

One Arm Shoulder Presses x 20

One Arm Curls x 20

Squats x 10

Sprint back up hill to starting point, then Sir Floppy Disk took over as I had to do the traditional “Snuffy Shuffle” to get back home in time.  Floppy’s thang:

Burpee-plank-line: PAX lines up arm-width apart in plank position. PAX member on the end hops over the next PAX member and does a burpee, continue hopping over each PAX until they hop over the last PAX in line and then they plank.  Like an Indian run, but planks and burpees.  We did this from one end of the field by Patterson to the other end.

Freddie Mercury x 20
American Hammers x 15
LBC x 21

Thanks Charles Shackelford for all the years of comic relief.  Being AMBIDEXTROUS I can’t tell y’all the number of times I have used that catch phrase…. always a good way to see who the locals in the room are (and State fans as well), and who can take a joke.

Announcements:  not sure as I had to do the “Snuffy Shuffle” early before Mary.

Nice work by all the PAX this morning.  Agoge is growing and getting more and more visitors from around the area as they discover what an amazing site we have at SEBTS.