VSF.  A dozen PAX.  Disclaimer.  Madoff neglects to tell us it’s his birthday, which is the complete opposite of my man Steroid’s approach to the big 5-0.  Madoff did roll up in a “new” (to the PAX paying attention) Prius, which apparently belongs to M Madoff and isn’t new.  Lots of battery power in that household.  No 50 counts, but lots of reps on the agenda nonetheless.  Warm up job around the pond with a few stops for merkins, pull ups, lunges, dips.  Up the stairs and circle up for a quick warm up.

SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Fazio x 10 each way, Imperial Walkers x 15.  Jog to upper pavilion.


Modified Chong Li:  Derkin, Irkin, Dip, Squat.  No 10 counts, fast pace.  Reps were 4, 8, 12, 16, 12, 8, 4.  It’s supposed to hurt.  Too bad we can’t actually modify Chong Li.

Short jog and set up two cones roughly 50 yards apart.  3 groups.  Groups one and two at one cone, group 3 at the other cone.  Exercises commence and continue unless your group is running.  Group one runs to group 3, who then runs to group 2, who then runs to group 1.  It makes sense if you were there.  Exercises were little baby dips, jump lunges, burpees, dry docks, squats, more little baby dips, squat hold.

Jog to tennis courts.  Run an M drill down three courts, and back three courts.  More fun was planned, but an audible was required due to people actually wanting to play tennis.  So we went to the rock pile for some curls and tricep extensions (x 2 sets).

Jog down to the small field next to Opie and Andy.  Time to rotate the Q.  Each PAX gets to lead the group thru one exercise and count cadence.  Except Tecumseh.  He got thru two sets (one of which was burpees not in cadence) before getting the hook.  Some great exercises courtesy of the PAX, including some inch worm plank thing and a whole lot of other plank position exercises.  Lots of moans and shaking arms before we got all the way around the circle.

Quick MARY.  COT.