Planning a workout at an unfamiliar site during the daylight hours is a far cry from executing it in the not-so-daylight gloom. First-time Q at Baileywick Park? Check. Wet & muddy terrain? Sure. A curtain of darkness straight ahead? You betcha. OK guys…FOLLOW ME. 

Jog around the parking lot perimeter. YHC glances back to converse with PAX only to stumble over a speed hump attempting a Q tackle. Faceplant narrowly averted. Shaken but undeterred, YHC leads the group into the realm of darkness to find a large open field on the other side.

WARM-UP:  SSH x 25 > Imperial Walkers x 25 > Good Mornings x 15 > Mountain Climbers x 25

Visibility now 5 feet max. Jog toward the paved nature trail that disappeared from the day before. Ah yes, there it is. Continue on the path around the park perimeter & hang a left to approach the baseball field.


Playoff Baseball Practice (in honor of resident O’s fan, Les Nessman):

Bear crawl to 1st base > sprint to right field fence > 10 merkins > sprint back to 1st base

Crab crawl to 2nd base > sprint to center field fence > 10 star jumps > sprint back to 2nd base

Gorilla walk to 3rd base > sprint to right field fence > 10 prisoner squats > sprint back to 3rd base

Exit baseball field thru dugout over to the grass straightaway between fields

100’s – Partner 1 sprints down to the tree line & back while Partner 2 does merkins (partners complete 100 merkins between them)

100’s Part Deux – Partner 1 sprints down to the tree line & back while Partner 2 does air squats (partners complete 100 air squats between them)

PLANK-O-RAMA: Sarkozy > Putin > Regular & Low Plank Hold (repeato)

Jog back across parking lot. Look out for that speed hump. Down the entrance road to rock pile

Curls x 15 > Shoulder presses x 15 > Tricep extensions x 15 (repeato) > Bent Row x 20

Drop rocks & jog back uphill to the picnic shelter: L/R step-ups x 15 > Irkins x 15 (repeato)

Mosey back over to the large open field of darkness. Visibility now 7 feet max.

MARY: 5 burpees OYO > LBC’s x 20 > Low slow flutter x 20 > High slow flutter x 15 > American Hammers x 20 > Merkins x 15



10/4 Mud Run: Go get ’em, boys!

10/25 The Mule: sign up on the website

Prayer requests for Mud Run participants, Hush Puppy’s family, Picante’s family, & others 

YHC took us out in prayer.

Rogers out.