22 PAX  met in the Gloom at North Hills Park on this dreary morning. We tried to keep the pre workout mumble chatter to minimum as our “friendly” neighbor peered out his bedroom window, however,  As soon as the bell rang we jogged into the park, ready for action. A light drizzle commenced, but our team was undeterred and ready to face what awaited…


SSHx15, Imperial walkers x 10, Good Mornings x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, merkins x 10, followed by..


Run to the parking lot by the Sisyphus entrance, then pair off into two-man teams. One team member ran the circle around the parking lot while the other did burpees. When the loop was completed, they switched off. Each team had to compete a total of 140 burpees. good times!!

then, with same teams, one member bear crawled to the end of the parking lot and then ran back, while the other team member did merkins, then flapjack

then, run down Sisyphus, grab a nice big rock for:

rock thrusters x 10

rock swings x 10

rock curls x 10

Repeato 3 times

then, team up into groups of 5, and each team indian runs up Sisyphus, with a 5 second lag to space each team.

Note: at this point YHC realized that he had been paired up with Vila, Chong, Maize, and Von Trapp. i.e. this might not turn our well for YHC. About half way up, an imminent spillage of merlot by the Q appeared highly likely, so a little breather was in order. luckily the PAX circled back to give YHC some needed words of encouragement, and we carried on with, luckily, no merlot spillage.

Next up, we headed to the picnic hut for:

Step up x10

Incline merkins x10

derkins x10

Step ups x 10


LBC x 20

Flutters x 20

Hammers x 18

leg holds x 5 count around the circle


No Catalyst or Whiplash this Saturday, however Pullen is on and Au Pair has something special cooked up

Q took us out.

As always, it is an honor to have the opportunity to lead this incredible group of men.