YHC pulled into the North Hills Parking Circle this morning to see much of the movie theater slots were blocked off with orange cones or already taken by Fern nutrients. No dog walkers today, no mall walkers today, and the Fern Ladies are covering up with the cooler and damp weather setting in. Fortunately, Cornholio showed up 15 minutes before go time so I had someone to help occupy me from my random tangential thoughts.

I seem to have developed a single hand wave / head nod relationship with the early bird gal who does the pre-open at Chick-Fil-A. MDice should not be concerned.

Mall security came around once at the beginning of the work-out, but oddly when it started a light drizzle we didn’t see them again. Of course, we didn’t have Screech’s used tires and sledgehammers this time so perhaps we don’t appear all that threatening to the American Shopping Economy.

Wonderland commented on the how the “Step-ups” on the fountain really do sneak up on you after your first 8-10 cycles. Tin Cup and I agree; the first step of the McAlister’s Deli (today’s) is about 3-4 inches shorter than the first step of the JC Penny fountain.

Cornholio reports he is about the same – but he did some modified Burpees today which appears to be a significant improvement on his repertoire of exercises that don’t cause him to lock up his knees in burning agony.

Tin Cup is doing the full count of SSHs and Step Ups, so those rehab exercise and time must be helping that ankle out.

Wonderland was sporting the Allen Iversen look with a single calf leg sleeve – what’s that called, a legging?, can’t be… that’s a Jennifer Beales FlashDance reference.

Light post update Week 3(+): You guessed it – still leaning, cones present, but the light works! I find this irksome but I am not yet vexed. Terribly, terribly, vexed.

Disclaimer: No FNGs so mumble chatter disclaimer – Wonderland joined us today thus we gave the appropriate Recovery Road disclaimer. If it hurts, stop doing it. If you think it’s going to hurt, don’t do it. Pick another option exercise and join back in when the Pax hits something you can do.

The Thang:

Warm-up: AstroTurf
25x SSH, Slow Pace
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20X Imperial Walker
10/10x SF Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch

Station 1: AstroTurf
25x SSH, Fast Pace
10x Burpees, OYO (Between 6-10 on your own)
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
10x Burpees, OYO (6-10)
20x A. Hammer
10x Burpees, OYO (6-10)
60 Q Count Freddie Mercury
10x Burpees, OYO (6-10)
20x Elevated Crunch
10x Burpees, OYO (6-10)

Recover on the walk

Station 2: Two Tier Fountain (McAlister’s Deli)
25x SSH, Fast Pace
15x Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 30 reps)
15/15x Step Ups (15 start one leg then switch 15 start other leg)
15x Dips
15x Derkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 15 reps)
20 Q Count Recover

10x Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
10/10x Step Ups
10x Dips
10x Derkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 10 reps)
20 Q Count Recover

5x Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 10reps)
5/5x Step Ups
5x Dips
5x Derkins (1 per 4 count cycle, 5 reps)

Recover on the walk

Station 3: AstroTurf
6/1 Modified Jack Webb (Start with 6 pushups and 1 press then 5 & 2 etc)
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
6/6x Wide Grip Merkins / Diamond Merkins
30 Q Count Low Slow Flutter
10/5x Carolina Dry Dock / MakTar Jai
30 Q Count 6 Inch Leg Hold
10 Q Count Rotation – Plank, Sarkozy, Plank, Putin, Plank




Recovery Road Triad of workouts (Disabled List / Injured Reserve / Lame Duck) are now set M/W/F 5:45

    We need Q’s to keep this going.

Dice is trying to transition himself back to doing two Running Workouts each week (so can only Q 1-2 of the Recovery Workouts a week). You do not have to be injured to Q @ Recovery Road Workouts – it can be a change of pace workout for you to drop in and Q a non-running boot camp type workout and touch base with some of the Pax you’ve been missing at the full impact workouts. If you want to get on the Q list – contact Dice (twitter: @F3Dice / email: colin_mchugh@hotmail.com / Text (919) 971-7673) or use the sign up lists linked below: Okay I can’t get the links to activate…so do a copy paste into your browser….

Monday: Disabled List – 5:45 North Hills Movie Theater AstroTurf
Q List: http://goo.gl/bpkzqR

Wednesday: Injured Reserve – 5:45 North Hills Complex Chuy’s Restaurant Grass / Midtown Amphitheater
Q List: http://goo.gl/q2AJQw

Friday: Lame Duck – 5:45 Root Elementary Lassiter Mill Parking Lot
Q List: http://goo.gl/K2l2oi

Cornholio has Q at Wednesdays Injured Reserve Workout.

Prayer Requests:
Cornholio’s friends the Godwin Family have a daughter in her fourth month of Leukemia Treatment.

Q Thoughts: It’s wet out here again

BOM: Cornholio – Appreciate the opportunities we have been given, prayer’s for those sick or injured, keep coming out and making yourselves and others better by your own efforts and actions.