Today is BOOM!’s one year anniversary in the gloom! What an appropriate time for our first Lame Duck co-Q.

Warm Up:
-BOOM!: Side Straddle Hops x25
-YHC: Good Mornings x15
-BOOM!: Imperial Walkers x25
-YHC: Sir Fazio Arm Circles x15 Forward, x15 Reverse
BOOM! says let’s go! YHC says hold on a minute.
-YHC: ‘Mercans x15
-YHC: Plank Hold for 10 count by each PAX

The Thang:
-BOOM!: Mosey to track, partner up, jog opposite directions around track, when you meet your partner, 10 partner ‘Mercans. 4 sets total. Cobains to Tube Sock for making him jog on his injured ankle.
-YHC: Mosey to wall. People’s Chair hold for 10 count by each PAX down the line.
-YHC: Switch to Balls To The Wall. Hold for 10 counts back down the line.
-YHC: Mosey to… wait a minute, BOOM! says we recovered too soon, back on the wall for…
-BOOM!: Australian Mountain Climbers x20
-BOOM!: Mosey upstairs to benches for Left Right Step Ups x20, Ircans x20, Dips x20
-BOOM!: Monkey Humpers x20
-BOOM!: Mosey downstairs to cul-de-sac. Change mind.
-BOOM!: Mosey to top/back parking lot and grab a brick or two
-BOOM!: Curls x20, Triceps Extensions x20, Overhead Presses x20, Bent Over Rows x20. Repeato.
-BOOM!: Take one brick downstairs and get on your six in the cul-de-sac. Chest Presses x20
-BOOM!: Mosey over to the basketball courts. Partner Up. One partner at far end of court does ‘Mercans x10, Partner 2 does Overhead Presses x10. Flapjack both position and exercise.
Return rocks via shortcut, return to cul-de-sac for Mary.

People’s Choice, go around circle with each PAX picking and optionally leading an ab exercise.
-YHC: Homer to Marge x10
-Orwell: Exercise from Carpex. Sit Up, legs straight, feet off the ground. Orwell slaps ground quickly 100 times, with PAX counting the 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 marks.
-Friar Tuck: Flutter Kicks
-Tube Sock: Just started posting this week, not sure what to call. We suggest Little Baby Crunches x10
-FNG: Pass
-Bubbles: World War I/II Sit Ups x10
-Cornholio: Plank for 30 seconds
YHC called it at this point as we were out of time

-Number-o-rama, Name-o-rama
-Welcome FNG DEET (Exterminator by trade). Thank you, Friar Tuck, for bringing him out.
-Prayers for Wisdom for parents of teenagers
-Prayers for PAX and 2.0s spending the weekend at F3 Dads Camp at Camp Seagull this weekend
-Prayers for Yoda, Orwell, and the group of youths having a retreat this weekend in western North Carolina
-YHC took us out

Naked Moleskin:
What a great morning! This was my third co-Q with BOOM!, and by far it was his best effort. At 5:30, I was preparing to Q the whole thing myself. At 5:45, I was expecting to cover 80-90%. When BOOM! told everyone to get back on the wall for Aussie Mountain Climbers, I knew this was going to be fun. Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me, as a father, such an opportunity.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: BOOM!, Bubbles, Cornholio, DEET (FNG), Elliott, Friar Tuck, Orwell, Otto, Pigpen (YHC), Red Dog, Tube Sock
Workout Date: 08/17/18