The pax anxiously awaited the beatdown for six months, and it was finally upon us.  Marmalade kindly reminded YHC that we accomplished 343 burpees the last time around, so the mark was 350.  It was horrible, but we did it!


Good morning x 10

20 burpees OYO


6 stations, 20 exercises at each station, typically alternating.

First round – burpees at the first cone, LBC’s at the second and repeat = 80 burpees down.

Second round – burpees and squats = 140 burpees down.  Only 210 to go!!

Third round – burpees and Freddy Mercuries (single count to keep us moving) = 200 burpees – over half way now.

Final round – all burpees (120) = 320.

With much moaning the pax did 10 burpees OYO, then 8 burpees OYO.

We had to call it due to time, but many joined me for 12 more after COT to get our 350 in.

Announcements: Tinkertoy and Honey Boo Boo are taking over for Juggernaut on the 31st of August.  They have declared no burpees in the month of September.  Also, there was mention that we have a 6 month break until the next burpee challenge.  A reminder about Forum that meets Mondays at noon at the Panera Bread in N. Raleigh by Whole Foods.  All welcomed.

Prayers: Honey Boo Boo is rocking it, but asks for prayers.  YHC could use prayers for my mother-in-law as she finishes her days here with us – that we would make the most of them.

MOLESKIN: YHC was reminded why I love F3.  A bunch of dudes who get together and are willing to push one another to do things they didn’t think possible.  Even with the grumbling and struggle there was a lot of fun had by all.  Thank you!