Week 4 of Mad Mule Kickoff for Benson, now that some of the guys have been coming for some time I wanted to really lay down a good beat down to push guys past the work we have already been doing. FNG’s have been coming weekly and PNG pushed hard to get his FNG out there, even driving to his house and refused to leave without his buddy in the car with him!  My 2.0 Picasso was pumped about another chance to get out there.

Warm up: Squats, Good Mornings, High knees, Butt kickers (all stationary) in cadence x15

The Thang

Dora 1-2-3  First time here at F3 Mad Mule, while I wanted to kick every’s six I decided to not make the exercises squat jumps and Burpees. Instead exercises included 100 Plank Jacks, 200 Mountain Climbers, 300 LBC’s while one partner went 40 yards and back the other partner kept the count. Plank-A-Rama for the six.

Wimpie Legs: 4 rounds with modifications as needed
10 Squat Jumps, 10 Jumping Lunges (alternating legs), and 10 Mule Kicks  with 10 sec count off between each
Modifications are lunges and standing knee bends if unable to complete the dynamic part.

Mosey to nearby parking lot for some Tire work

Team Race from one end to the other: 5 Burpees to have a turn to flip the tire, exception for Big Boy Tire is that if 2 are required to flip then the 2 PAX get 2 flips together.
Al Gore for the six.
Team Race back to other side but this time no Burpees just straight up Tire flipping, reviewed technique and back safety.  Picasso assisted FlatHead and myself with the tire flips this round!

Scout WALK around the park, front man runs out as far as he wants and back as the rest of the PAX keeps steady pace around P.K. Vyas Park. Jailbreak to the flags.

Recover Back at the flags

BOM/COT: Prayers for BackPack Drive, Prayers for family illnesses, Schools starting again, Prayers for M’s family with grandfather having testing and treatment for Cancer.