The call for a Q for Bastille went out from Coco to four men. Marky Mark had the idea that instead of one of us take it that we make it a foursome. Apparently our fourth hurt his ribs slamming into a fence playing tennis (how does that even happen Lo Pair…seriously though feel better) so our quad became a trio.

Wuerffel did his best to bring the men out to see the meteor shower on a humid clear morning so 19 showed up to do some stargazing. With the ultimate in false advertising there are too many lights at Bastille to see the sky clearly and as it turns out we spent most of the time facing the pavement. Here’s what went down…

Warm Up (DOI)
Circle the men up for a little Jazzercise
– “Jungle” – Side shuffle hop throughout the song and burpee whenever you hear the word jungle
– “Bring Sally Up” – Low squat hold and stand when told
– “Thunderstruck” – Merkins at the thunder

The Thang (Wuerffel)
To honor Michael Phelps destroying the field in the 200 medley last night we got busy doing our own medley.
-Run backwards 50 yards…five burpees when you get there
-Karaoke back 50 yards…five burpees when you get there
-Skip 50 yards (don’t ask)…five burpees when you get there
-Sprint 50 yards…five burpees when you get there

Do it again but…10 step lunges when you get there

Next to make up for Lo Pair’s absence we did what we thought he would think best…bear crawl the 50 yards then sprint around the circle. We’re pretty sure he would have done it again so that’s what we did.

The Thang Part Deux (Marky Mark)
To the playground for a pullup-o-rama (agree with MM that it’s odd there is no F3 lingo for this). We did a series of six rep pulls ups including regular, burpee then pull up, negative pull up, knee to chest and a few others to painful to remember. One administrator of student services who will remain nameless said “they should call them throw ups because that’s what I’m about to do”

Mosey to the benches for dips (15) x2

Heels to Heaven
American Hammer
Something else

Prayers for the men and for others to join us.