3 PAX (minus the newly departed Riggs) arrived at the Top Shelf for their Post-Ariggolyptic beatdown. Also to check on the weird Machiavelli car…yep still there but with a new box of oreos on the dash. The NC sun and heat can NOT be good for that.

Jog to top of parking deck. Run back with high knees and butt kickers
SSH x 20
LBAC x ??
Windmills x ??
Warm-ups kind of devolved at this point. I admit it, it was a half-assed effort.

The Thang: Stair Beast.
I had hinted at this in previous back blasts. By now, you all know about the Beast, 6 sets, 6 cones, 6 reps each cone. Well the concept is the same, but instead of cones, you have flights of stairs. It turned out to be pretty brutal on the thighs.

Set one: Merkins
Set two: Jump Lunges
Set three: Carolina Dry Docks
Set four: Air Squats
Set five: Merkins again
Set six: Jump tuck

Mosey to the corkscrew for WLB (Walking Lunges and Burpees)
Walking lunge up one level of corkscrew, then do 10 Burpees. There were 3 total levels to traverse. At the top, we did a new version of the Burpee called a Durpee. This involved doing the Burpee near a curb and so instead of a merkin, there is a derkin.

Mosey to the starting point.
10 pull ups, 10 Derkins, 20 Dips

20 LBCs
20 Chester style heels to heavens (H2H, then 6″ leg raise)
20 Seinfeld style heels to heavens (H2H then Homer to Marge)
20 Low slow flutters

Penalty Burpees! To Doogie for uttering a PA unfriendly slur. 10 Durpees assessed and Doogie did them like a man. Floyd and Seinfeld also did them because we are all together.

Already missing Riggs
This Tuesday workout may need to be moved to a different time/place. Will discuss with coffeeteria on Saturday.