This edition of Agoge training started with a little surprise…I believe today was Snuffy’s first lead, and lead well he did! 12 PAX (1 FNG) were introduced to the Fri-Daddy (in honor of Friar Tuck).

The Thang:

SSH x 30
Std Merkins x 15
Imperial Walkers x 20
Good Mornings x 10

Fri-Daddy (Snuffy lead)
5 rounds of Balls-to-the-Wall with increasing hang time, 20x ab exercise between rounds.
10x B2W, 20x LBC
15x B2W (really 20x, Snuffy miscount), 20x Freddie Mercury
20x B2W, 20x WWII situps
25x B2W, 20x Heels2Heaven
30x B2W, 20x Merican Hammers (YHC did face-plant trying to walk hands down after B2W on this one!)

Strong work Snuffy! Good to have another brother to lead!

4 Corners
4 stations about 30 yrds apart in a square configuration. PAX breaks up into 4 groups, each head to their station. Do 10 reps of exercise at each station, sprint to next station, repeat until return to start. Plank until all PAX finished.
Station 1: Std Merkins
Station 2: Star Jumps
Station 3: LCB
Station 4: Burpees
Repeat all stations again going in opposite direction.

Chariot Races
Grab bicycle inner-tube, lasso partner, sprint 30 yards dragging partner along, flapjack and sprint 30 yards back to start.
Repeato x4

Misc fun
Quick Feet x 30
Merkin Medley (Std x10, Diamonds x10, Wide Grip x10, Stagger Left x10, Stagger Right x10)

LBC x30
Plank (Reg, Putin, Sarkozy) x30
6 inch leg hold, x5 around the PAX

Congratulations and best wishes to Windy on his upcoming marriage. Safe travels brother!

Great having Snuffy step up and help me lead this morning. Great job! You’re ready to take the entire Q next time.
Agoge Q signup sheet has plenty of open space. Let me know if anyone wants a piece of a workout or the entire Q! Step out of our comfort zone, you’ll be amazed at what you can do!