Stone Wall


To build one’s body, mind, and soul, you have to begin with a solid foundation. To do that we used the simplicity of four exercises (not including Mary): Merkins, Squats, Burpees, and the Indian Run.

After a brief warm-up of Side Shuffle Hops, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers, the PAX split into two lines. Little did they know that those lines would be their home for the next 40 minutes. Once lines were formed the Indian Run began. Once the Q had rotated through the line either once or twice halt was called and the PAX engaged in a five count of merkins (or hand release merkins), prisoner squats, and burpees. The count increased by five on each successive stop.

These building blocks continues around the lake until reaching the pull-up bars. Here the PAX circled for Mary while four at a time knocked out 10 on the pull-up bars. Boat-Canoe was a group favorite until Shaggy ran out of water crafts he could name (how did he miss ‘schooner’?).

The PAX realigned for one last stretch of indian run back to the parking lot.

Solid work, gentlemen.


  • USMC Mud Run signups are due by July 15th
  • Impromptu 2ndF this thursday, may or may not take place at the same time as the US World Cup game.