Three PAX set out on a nice (albeit early) Tuesday morning to discover the wonders of the ancient world. Kanye started the day off right by saving your intrepid Q by loaning him a pair of workout gloves which had been forgotten.

SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 15
LBAC x ??
Windmills x 20

The Thang: We decided to go back in time to learn about the amazing structures that our ancient forefathers built.

Great Pyramid of Giza
The most famous wonder and the only one still standing today which is amazing as
it was built in 2560 BC.
Starting at Bottom of Stairs 9 Merkins, then 8 at next flight, all the way to
the top.

Statue of Zeus at Olympia
A giant seated statue of Zeus in Olympia, Greece. Built in 435 BC. 43ft tall.
People’s chair x 43 seconds each person.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The only wonder whose location is unknown and may not have existed. Though to be
in Babylon (Iraq) along with the legendary Tower of Babel.
10 pull-ups while others do 10 upside down push-ups. Repeat.

Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.
Built in Turkey as a temple for the worship of Diana who had the power to
control animals. It was rebuilt 3 times.
bear crawl x 25 yards, gorilla walk x 25 yards, frog hop x 25 yards

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
A large tomb built in 350 BC in Turkey. Holds dead people (stiffs)
Plank x 30
Sarcosi x 30
Putin x 30
Bows and toes x 30

Colossus of Rhodes
Statue of the Greek God Helios located at the port of Rhodes watching the ships
as they sailed into the city. Was 30 meters high making it one of the largest
statues ever. 30 jump lunges at each level of corkscrew

Lighthouse of Alexandria
Built around 280 BC in Egypt. It was 400-450ft tall.
Run stairs 3 times

Little known fact. A woman named Mary lives at the top of the lighthouse. We visited with her:
LBC x 40
LSF x 30
Heels to Heaven with 6″ leg raise x 20

Thanks for the gloves, Kanye. Good to see you post at Top Shelf
Also thanks to Russ for posting when I know he could be sleeping (has a grand rounds tomorrow)
See you all Thursday and Saturday