4 PAX braved the early morning doldrums to arrive at Top Shelf only to realize…..there was no designated Q. Ever resourceful, the overachievers of Duke split the workout into 4 equal parts, to be run by each Pax.

Flying J
Corkscrew exercises: Russian hammers, 15 Burpees at bottom. Two Pax at a time. Next set Merkins/Derkins.

Circle of Fire
Including but not limited to: quad hoppers, pull-ups, B2W hand stands, LBC’s, Carolina dry docks and more. Can’t remember all of it.

Pull-ups and a shared exercise. On Pax does pull-ups the rest do an exercise. Very low planks, Freddy mercuries, and others. Again can’t remember all.

Lucky Strike
Staircase hell
Run up 8 flights. At each landing alternate 10 merkins/10 air squats. 80 each done.

6 inch leg raises
WWII sit-ups

Sorry for the late and partially complete backblast. It has been a busy day or 2.

Writing a backblast on an iPhone really sucks.

Thursday at Tobacco Road @ 5:30
Saturday at Inferno @ 7:00