The air was still and thick; the balmy high-50-something degree temperature was a welcome surprise. YHC had been running up north in 20-degree weather. As I rolled into Tobacco Road this morning, I saw one other pax and began to wonder if the remaining pax had gotten lost in the fog/gloom or had their fartsack won the daily battle? No matter… they were lost. We shoved off after planting our VSF…

Warm-up – yog, SSH, IW, arm circles, stretching

1 min jump rope and people’s chair – flap jack – repeato with 30 seconds
1 min merkins and step ups – flap jack – repeato with 30 seconds
1 min dips and peter parkers – flap jack – repeato with 30 seconds

walking lunge ~400m

slow mo exercises – as slow as possible with cadence count
15 merkins
15 freddie mercuries
15 air squats
15 russian hammers


– tclaps to carlton for becoming a regular pax (more regular than some others… cough cough…)
– make sure you come saturday morning 0700 at mad hatters in downtown durham for a holiday themed workout… should be a good time (and probably nice/warm in the 60s before the temp drops SIGNIFICANTLY on sunday)