24 PAX showed face to inhale the pain in true mouth breather fashion. Welcome to the Urban Jungle Backblast. Lets do this!


Warm – Up

  • Knuckle Merkins x 15 (just for purpose of course)
  • SSH x 15
  • Flutter kicks x 15
  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Windmils x 15

And the epidemic began on a jog to the curb for minis

  • mini Jump ups x 15
  • mini Decline Merkins x 15
  • mini Dips x 15

As the PAX continued on their journey more and more became infected some while crossing Six Forks Rd. some on the bagel infested hill….

  • Bear Crawls up the hill that smelt of bagels x 3

Entering the CapTrust Tunnel more and more began to mouth breath as the infected continued to climb up the stairs to the top of the CapTrust parking deck where…

PAX split into 2 groups

  • Group 1 – calls exercise and suicide sprint halfway down parking deck ramp, back to top of ramp, to the bottom and back to the top
  • Group 2 – does exercise until Group 1 finishes sprints

and FLAPJACK…. continued down every down ramp of the CapTrust parking deck until 24 mouth breathers emerged from the CapTrust Tunnel

Recover on the Jog back to the “Fountain of Youth”

  • Group 1 – Double Jump Ups x 20
  • Group 2 – WW2 Sit Ups x 40

Jog back to starting lot for 2 min of Mary

  • Homer to Marge x 20
  • Low Plank Hold x 5 ct around the circle


Anyone can be a mouth breather… just got to push it

Utah out.