On a downright balmy morning with the SF flapping in the wind, 6 pax (incl 1 FNG) set off to find some pain. The main fields of the SCP are closed for the winter so we had to get creative.

The Thang:

SSH x 30
Imperial Walker x 20
Good Morning x 15
Windmill x 20
Roor Raises x 20
Arm Circles x 10/direction
Bodyweight Squats x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Run to covered picnic area

Irkins x 20
Dips x 15
Irkins x 25
Dips x 10
Irkins x 30

Run to playground

Partner assisted pull-ups (holding feet of partner, assisting only as much as needed)
3 sets of 7 each, two sets on flat bar and one on rings
Hang for round of 10 count (60 count)

Run to rock ring amphitheater, choose your rock (by height).
10 Dirkins, sprint up the hill, 10 knee-ups
(x 3)

Indian run to to dog park parking lot

Burpee suicides:
Sprint to first streetlight, 5 burpees
Sprint back to start point, 5 burpees
Sprint to second streetlight, 5 burpees
Sprint back to start point, 5 burpees
Sprint to third streetlight, 5 burpees (25 total)

Recover on run back to picnic tables (the long way)

Mary on the tables:
Rosalita x 20
Reverse LBCs x 15
Leg Lifts x 15
Very Big Flutter x 10


– Welcome Hasselhoff, look forward to seeing you back in the gloom.

– Rodeo and Adolphus co-Qing Pullen tomorrow, come one come all.

– Rodeo has the Q for #Fetzer Monday. Adjust your weekend accordingly.

– Probe takes the reins at #Bastille next week for his maiden Q, can’t wait to see what he has in store for the PAX.

– Good luck to all our UNC Law brothers during exam week. Remember, the answer is usually “C” (you’re welcome).