A dark colored infinity rolls into the parking lot at 05:56, all the PAX standing around hear the sounds of Vanilla Ice leaking from the trunk. When the song ends Silverchair is blasting as well, oh, it must be Burt.

The Thang:
jog to the basketball courts
imperial walkers x17
SSH x17
Windmills x13
merkins x10
squats x15

Vanilla Ice 7 minute AMRAP:
10 WWII situps
10 squats
10 burpees

After a couple minutes to recover we mosey to the picnic tables for:
incline merkins x10
squats x20
dips x15
star jumps x8
crouching tigers x8
dips x10

now to robert plant the stairs 3 times and hold a low squat hold

jog up to the streetlamp for Mary:
lbc x15
rosalitas x15
hello dolly x15
russian hammers x15
lbc x15

High Plank
High Plank
Low Plank Hold

people choice:
merkins x13
Freddy Mercury x13
SSH x13
knee tuck jumps x10

* tclaps to the Burt for the enjoyable volume
* during low plank hold we had some creative methods of counting