Mule Warm Up

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As Largemouth stated this am, we had 13 stallions or some other form of equine animal post and do work. YHC laughed. There were some newer faces and a visitor from Charlotte, Tag Along. Hermes suspected he may be down our way to do some mothership recon, and as a result, we gave the secret […]

Missed free throws = suicides

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Practice?  Practice?  We talkin about practice? Why yes, yes we are. Nothing worse than losing by 8 and missing 8 free throws, especially when it’s Dook. Well, except practice the next day.  To be sure, free throws wasn’t the only reason we lost.  Poor defense. Beat on the boards. Missed layups. You could say all around out hustled.  […]

Working around the clock

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As much as one can look forward to standing outside at 5:45 AM on a January morning, always enjoy Friday’s at DZ. It’s the end of the work week, mood is upbeat and the facilities are first class!  Today was no different.  Maybe it was the fans staying up a little late to watch Tar Heels […]

New School Q-School

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YHC believes this backblast needs background.  Context is everything. For instance, we’re one month into winter with another day in the 60s and today global warming ends. Who knew.  God bless America. Tuesday: Flip Flop was going to lead the men of F3 on his Virgin Q, then he realized today’s inauguration also included a […]

Cankle Time

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YHC has a bum ankle-fact. That didn’t stop him from some good old fashioned Q planning so as to minimize further injury to the swollen beast while getting the guys worked up into a good lather and hopefully making the stronger at the same time. A bit of a challenge? Yes, especially since DZ doesn’t […]

Prodigal Q

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Ahh! I was so good to be back in the Danger Zone this morning! The air was warmer than expected, the shovel flag was planted, the PAX were in a tight circle and way too energetic (read: mouthy). YHC felt like he was finally home. Ummm…can someone tell me how to get to the volleyball […]

There is a pattern

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12 strong showed up this morning including Hefty, visiting from Denver (NC). No FNGs and it was cold, so needed to log a little mileage to get warmed up. Brisk run to Weston business park and circle up SSH x 20 Merkins x 10 GM x 10 Merkins x 20 IW x 15 Merkins x […]