YHC believes this backblast needs background.  Context is everything. For instance, we’re one month into winter with another day in the 60s and today global warming ends. Who knew.  God bless America.

Tuesday: Flip Flop was going to lead the men of F3 on his Virgin Q, then he realized today’s inauguration also included a Monster Truck Jam and bailed his fellow PAX. When the random email came out titled “Need to change Q for Friday”, this was a routine request- we have 50 guys that could easily step up and fill 45 minutes (YHC is looking at you). Callahan decides to narrow the field and replies within 5 seconds (seriously, this guy must check his email every minute for F3 gossip) with a bold statement “you can only claim this Q spot if you’ve been doing F3 for LESS than 1 year.”  We all know Callahan has good intentions, and he’s right: it’s time for young bloods to step up. YHC cannot help himself, however, and decides to up the ante and offers to co-Q with anyone. Mumble chatter ensues, and McCants takes a page from Freed to Lead and fills the co-Q spot.  Callahan’s frustration is palpable.  YHC and McCants note said frustration, and plan their attack.

Thursday: Somewhere in the interwebs there is a call for EC.  Term Paper and Large Mouth are the only takers.

Friday: McCants and YHC arrive early to lay out plans, only to be greeted by Large and Term Paper (who coincidentally was in need of TP). As with any opportunity as Q, it is good to have a plan (we do hope Callahan is still reading), even better to have a plan that is realistic and entertaining.  As the PAX roll in, Burt assumes the role of MaBell, rolls up his sleeves and assumes Nantan duties.  Callahan shows up (yes, he is now showing up to his own site again!) as most of us are commenting on the Nature Boy-style shorts that McCants is wearing.  There is really no opportunity for saving his pride, until Nature Boy makes his colourful appearance wearing an outfit that would get him removed from both a Trump rally and a Pride parade.

YHC is first up, and assumes drill sergeant status and rolls through a couple of exercises leaving no room for mumble chatter. For PAX who have never experienced this type of cadence and “leadership,” the look of confusion, impending doom, and dreams of the fartsack was clearly written across their faces.  Luckily, YHC’s efforts helped removed the thought of Nature Boy and McCants’ wardrobe choices from the mind. As we mosey down one side of the pickle, we stop under the street light where there is some writing on the ground with a couple F3 exercise names.  Many people have experienced the sidewalk chalk treatment and that usually results in a workout which is impossible to finish and kept both Burt and Callahan quiet for fear of a repeat “filthy 50” or some other horrible workout.  Today is different though, and explaining something new is always difficult no matter how simple it is.

To honor Callahan, McCants and YHC spring Q School on the PAX. YHC splits the PAX into two groups, the virgin and mostly-virgin Q’s and the experienced Q’s (quickly coined the, well, let’s just say Dolly is a member).  Luckily this took a fairly even split and now the virgins have a chance to lead with some guidance from their veteran partner. One partner set took the two exercises with partner 1 calling exercise A and  partner 2 calling exercise B.  We continue around the pickle to the next street light where more exercises exist.  With just 3 sets of exercises chalked, we made a lap around the pickle in no time.  In the spirit of getting people to Q, McCants took the initiative to continue lapping the pickle until we had all had a chance to lead an exercise, adding in penalty and reward burpees for the PAX’s Q etiquette. And so the gloom became the classroom, with each member of the PAX leading an exercise and learning that Q’ing ain’t that hard after all.To the surprise of everyone, we have some really great untapped talent in the PAX. Good work men.

With McCants in top condition after three straight training days (FOD, SNS, BO), he wasted no time with 46 Freddie Mercuries (here’s to the future), sprints, and burpees as the PAX learned it was time for chariot races.  Time to up the heart rate and turn down the mumble chatter. YHC hopes the PAX loved chariot races as much as he does. YHC was secretly looking for merlot, there was none and he had to verify he was in North Carolina and not Utah. After two runs for each member of the PAX, time was short, but YHC still found time for some closing curb work and COT.

In the old days, when YHC was but a young buck, COT was an opportunity to learn about your F3 brothers, not just an opportunity to learn real names, age, and prayer concerns. No time like the present to inaugurate some change.  YHC thus took the opportunity to have everyone share one of their hobbies with the group. Did you know we have tournament bridge players, ham radio DJs, campers, gardeners, brewers, and pianists. A few prayer requests and praises were raised, and Callahan took us out.  In a typical F3 workout, we dismantle and go our separate ways within 5 minutes leaving the park in a peaceful state. Not today.  Today is different, as Ollie issued a challenge: “all partners (virgin and Dolly) should sign up for a Q together in the near future”.  10 minutes later many PAX were still around talking about when they will Q, discussing their interests outside of F3, and looking like a group of great friends hanging out at the park.

Leading a workout is always an honor, an opportunity to learn, share, and grow. YHC and McCants out.