Mule Warm Up

As Largemouth stated this am, we had 13 stallions or some other form of equine animal post and do work. YHC laughed. There were some newer faces and a visitor from Charlotte, Tag Along. Hermes suspected he may be down our way to do some mothership recon, and as a result, we gave the secret codeword out at the start so as to make sure we followed proper F3 protocol, rather than the usual steaming pile of garbage some Q’s are known to throw together (tough love). YHC had the folks that have signed up for da Mule to show hands, 3 or 4, cant recall (shocker). Knowing the hellish 3-4 hours that lay ahead in less than 24 hours, caution was indeed necessary so as to not burn the reserves. On the other hand, the rest of the Pax were there to get a good end of the week burn and workout prior to the weekend. Balance, as they say, was key. Angry Elf texted YHC the prior evening to get a sense of what lay ahead at DZ. Running was the question he was most concerned about. This Clydesdale responded with a firm no and with that he was an HC for the mornings activities.

Thang: Lap and a half around the pickle. Typical warm up with some cotton pickers thrown in for good measure. Partner up. P1 up the lot bearcrawl style to half way, 10 merkens and jog down. P2 lbc’s. Flapjack. This was done for time. A good 8 minutes. Next, P1 lungewalk up and 1 CDD’s or Franklin push ups. This was according to Katniss I believe. Well, he has a point. Anyway, p2’s slutters until P1 returns. Flapjack. 8 minutes. Mosey to shelter. 1-2-1. 100 merkens, 200 dips and 100 prisoner squats. one man on the exercise the other mary of choice. Next, mosey to stairs. P1 does a merken and a 5 count plank and so on until p2 returns. P2 goes down stairs and bunny hops up each stair x 3. Tougher than it sounds. Back up to start for a beta test. P1 in plank and P2 get between P1’s legs facing away from each other. P2 does ankle rows with P1 x 20. Flapjack. Great exercise with some snickering. Plankhold around the horn with each man doing 5 merkens.


NM: see you in the am. Cally should give up his site q here. Im always disappointed that he doesn’t take this more seriously. Large does, he is there almost every Friday. Cally is off coblering some shoes somewhere, furiously driving very small nails into the soles of shoes, shoe polish glistening off of his cheek, dreaming of the perfect shine. If you guys need any of your dress shoes fixed or just spiffed up, Cally is going to perform a week of shoe shines and repairs the week of March 23. Free of charge.


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  1. Callahan


    “Cally should give up his site q here. Im always disappointed that he doesn’t take this more seriously. Large does, he is there almost every Friday.”

    says the guys who skipped his site yesterday. Hmmm

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