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Twenty-two PAX rolled out this morning to see what downtown Cary had to offer. Wind. That’s what it had to offer. Wind, making things seem about 10 degrees cooler than they should’ve. Smokey commented that DressMyRun was wrong for once. I think it may also have something to do with his rapidly diminishing built-in insulating layer. #way2gosmokey


Off to the bank and the big blue six to warm things up:

  • SSH x24
  • MC x24
  • Merekin x24
  • MaBell figured out the morning’s theme around this time – the 2-year Bartmanniversary. Counts got a little more random at this point.
  • Imperial walker x20
  • Sir Fazio forward – overhead claps – Moroccan nightclubs – Sir Fazio reverse. #signaturemove?
  • Let’s move. Thangs to do.


At the o-fishul Town-o-Cary Rock Pile, select a rock that’ll make your family proud. Not much traveling.

In the not-quite-adjacent-but-really-not-that-far-away-c’mon-guys-seriously parking lot, assemble for Flora, Dora’s lazy mean stepsister:

  • Both partners, feet on your rock in plank position. P1 do 10 merekins while P2 holds, flapjack, up to 100 total. Plank when done.
  • P1 do 20x LBC with rock high on chest, while P2 does 6″ leg hold with rock held overhead. #pretenditsaruck Flapjack, go to 200 total, squat hold when done.
  • P1 do 25x goblet squat with rock, while P2 holds squat. Flapjack, 300 total. #popular

Put your rocks back. Mosey on Chatham, wave to Hustle patrons, then down Academy to the arts center. Pick up the 6 then find a spot on a planter for a bench work ladder: 10x ALRSU, 10x LBC (IC), 10x derekin. Repeato at 20x and 30x counts.

Precious little time left, so instead of doing burpee light poles the entire way back, we skipped every other light pole. But we started at 2 and increased by 2 each stop so as not to get short-changed. Audibled to a ladder peaking at 10, which was a popular call. YHC was content to stop at the corner of Waldo, but Mini Me felt compelled to finish the ladder out and went all the way to the corner.

Three waves of Billy Run took us back to the start point. Sorry for the extra minute or two, put it on my account. #notthatsorry


Prayers for Blue & Out’s friend caught up in some unexpected work difficulties. Khakis reported that Levi is holding a 5k on 6/24/17 for wife’s memorial fund; Open Out’s cousin Marcie with loss in family.


Chanticleer and I commented about the cheery smile and wave from the QIC at Hustle, the newish fitness studio downtown. Probably trying to recruit. #notakers We did refrain from doing monkey humpers in front of the place, which is probably good.

I tried to pick a couple of things I recall as being awful over the past couple years. The planter routine was one, though that was Michelob’s originally, and it was a pyramid done OYO. It was awful.

Burpee light poles I probably don’t even need to discuss as far as origin.

Flora was the result of wandering through the lexicon. Dora has lots of sisters and cousins, we’ll have to invite them over for some future workouts. #heygiiirl

No, I’ve never been to Morocco.

I thought it came from the Knightdale workouts.

I actually haven’t been to a workout in Knightdale either.

Forgot the calf raises. If you’re reading this, go do 20 OYO.

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