Shovel Flag Chronicles

It was warm and not a trace of wind and YHC was trying to impersonate Hot Spot/Michelob by running into the AO.  What a site when I turned the corner of Williams St. and Something Else St., to see three cars dimly shadowing a flag.  It was a familiar site I have seen before, yet it seemed different today.  Maybe it was because my 9:00 min. mile pace seemed extremely taxing, or maybe it was the PAX was nowhere to be seen at first, but it hit me hard.  There is something familiar and humbling about an American flag atop a make shift PVC pipe.  You feel like you are in the right spot, especially when out of town. This PVC flag pole was taped and no doubt sawed down somewhere, and most likely created some hardship on the owner to accomplish.  You haven’t lived until you hurt yourself building your own shovel flag in a garage with half the tools you really need.  Nonetheless, this flag was not a Chinese made tissue, oh no, it had been through more than one Memorial Day.  Once I heard the cadence of the first (possible the third warmup I was late) warm-up exercise it gave me peace to start the day.  This flag also allowed hunting season to last a few days longer, because Ma Bell brought a Goose.  All said and done, the Contemporary Arts exhibit “Flags of Gloom”, could display a flag like the one I saw this morning.  It spoke to me saying, “I surely did not spend a dime being created, yet I have character  to push through the task at hand”

Warm Up #2 (I missed the first)

  • 20- Good mornings
  • 20 – Merkins
  • 20 – Imperial Walkers
  • 15- Burpees while our bodies are good and fresh
  • 30 – WWII Situps

The Thang

Run around the parking lot once, with everyone instructed to do Burpees until the 6 returns.

Recover with 30 WWII situps

  1. Elevens from one end of the parking lot to the street
    • First Side Prisoner Squats
    • Opposite Side Wide Grip Irkins
    • *Half way through switch to Sumo Squats and Burpees
  2. Recover with 30 WWII Situps
  3. Create a line near the shovel flag
    • First person does curls while one pax does a lap around the parking lot
      • While waiting to curl or run, please do squats or SSH
      • Finish with Bro Merkins to celebrate
  4. Rock Pile Work (We had a name for the pain nuggets…..I forgot)
    • Curls –  20
    • Rock Rows – 20
    • Carolina Dry Docks – 20
    • Merkins – 20
    • Recover with 30 WWII situps
  5. Picnic Table Work
    • Dips – 20
    • irkins – 20

Recover with 30 WWII situps and 15 Burpees. We did a total off 120 WWII situps but I don’t recall where they hit the workout.  I believe I missed a set of Burpees somewhere too.

Finish with some Mary.  (Merkins, Supermans, Box Cutters)


The Mule on Saturday (Ask Freebird if you need a ride)


Great prayer from Texas Ranger, who gave praises to the Holy Spirit for guiding F3 and all the groups we have, as well as, supporting Gideon.



I look forward to another day when I am not sure what I am doing at 5:26 AM, and then I see a US Flag.




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  1. Callahan

    Beautiful! I loved this. Literally, I was halfway through ready this when I found myself standing in front of my desk with my hand over my heart and reciting the pledge of allegiance. It was crazy, but also incredibly appropriate. Fantastic BB

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