Easy Taper workout for Mule participants…… or not

Only 12 brave souls showed up this morning at Dante’s Peak. The rest must have been afraid of the cold or resting up for the Mule. The 12 included a rare Burt and Coney sighting in southwestern Apex – great fun.

Here is what we did. Precisely at 545 – (I guess – I didn’t have a watch)
Indian Run to other parking lot (Grease Monkey – missed you on this one to help keep the pace under control – but you would have been proud.
Circle up in parking lot for Warm up
15 – GM, 15– hillbilly – 20 – SSH, 20 – MC, Sir Fazio – 10 each way

Run over to pavilion – BTTW – 10 count around, Recover, then Peoples Chair, Repeat Both

Quick detour for dips x 20 while the other workout group clear our stage

Run over to stage – and pick your dance partner.
BOMBS- w/ partner – one partner run up amplitheater stairs touch pavilion while other partner does exercise
50 – burpees, 100 – overhead claps, 150 – merkins, 200 – big boy sit ups, 250 – Squats
Somewhere during this – Burt got quite mouthy (imagine that) complaining about this not being an easy pre-Mule workout. Other Mumblechatter quite low today.

Run back through park (forward, backward, sideways) – Lunge walk bridge

Mary – Freddy Merc x20 (ended precisely at 630)

Announcements – Mule, blah, blah, Levi’s 5k in June – more details to come
Prayers/Praises – The Free Bird’s are expecting – and dr says all is healthy, Continued prayers for Burt’s friends son battling luekemia.
Grinch was led to take us out.

Thanks all – My Honor to lead these men.

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