It was a balmy 65 degree December morning in the gloom….. gotta love living in NC! The PAX started small, but grew exponentially as the morning progressed…. (that’s what she said..).. Halloween is over but apparently no one told Fault as he was dressed in his Money Hose best collared shirt and khaki shorts..

The Thang – Extra Credit – 2 lonely, but dedicated PAX…

  • Jog to Belk
  • Jump squat X 10
  • Jog to stairwell between Flemings and McCormicks
  • Star jump X 10
  • Up steps – merkin to squat X 10
  • Down steps – Triangle merkin (not for the beginner)
  • Up steps – jump lunge X 20
  • Down steps – LBC  X 20
  • Up steps – merkin to squat X 10
  • Down steps; up steps – derkin X 20
  • Jog into upper parking lot
  • Bear crawl between light posts – burpees X 10
  • Jog down to meet the rest of PAX

The “rest of” the Thang:

Warm- up

  • SSH X 20
  • Good morning X 20
  • Imperial walker X 15
  • Mountain climber X 20

Jog up Edwards Mill  – stop half way – body squats X 20….(I was a mouth breather and we just started) – jog rest of hill to parking deck behind office buildings

  • Stump X 20
  • Partner assisted – derkins X 20

Jog to loading dock…. we’re dumpster jumping boys…. jump-up to loading dock – bear crawl down ramp  – X 10

Jog to courtyard – 1/2 PAX partner carry to end – burpees X 10 – flapjack; other 1/2 PAX – irkins X 10 and dips X 10 – PAX flapjack

Jog to itchy, itchy, bitchy, ant hill – wheel barrow up the hill and jog down – flapjack…. to many unknows with a hill that is covered in ant hills…. good news – PAX only went up that damn hill 2Xs – bad news – half of PAX got some extra early morning pain in the form of red ant bites…sorry boys…

Bottom of itchy, itchy, bitchy, ant hill – the MacGruber long-time high school football favorite – Up downs (aka – hit its) – X 20….. short guest appearance by Walkie Talkie…with promises to join the PAX next week

Jog back down Edwards Mill to mall parking deck – plank until rest of PAX gets back

Mary – we’re running late again so she’s cut short….

  • LBC X 20
  • Freddy Mercury X 10


Prayers for Steroid and M Steroid – both recovering from injuries

Prayers for Dufresne

Prayers for Cinderella – M Cinderella is pregnant!!

Prayers for Gnobby – should be with baby any day now

Christmas party – everybody RSVP ASAP

Toys for Tots – last day is Wednesday 12/11 – EVERYONE should bring at least one gift – PLEASE…. go buy one today and bring tomorrow to Catalyst or Pullen.