4 pax arrived for Top Shelf like sheep without a shepherd.  No Q…no problem.

The Thang:

Flying J warmup:
Run to top with high knees, mule kicks, karaoke
SHH, good mornings

Run to corkscrew:
2 men run down, do an exercise, run back up while other 2 do exercise.
Burpees, derkins, merkins were mixed in there somewhere.

Floyd “Ring of Fire:”
3 men exercise, 1 man calls the exercise and runs and does 5 pullups and runs back
CDD, jump lunges may have been involved.

Riggs hodgepodge
3 men exercise, 1 man calls the exercise and does 6 pullups (note one more than Floyd)
Some unnamed exercises were accomplished.

Lucky Strikes opens up a can on the pax
Run to bottom of stairs, then up one at a time with 10 merkins on each half landing and 10 air squats on each full landing (8 sets each)

WWIIs, froggers, 6″ leg raise, etc.

– This is what happens when no one signs up to Q…no one signs up to post the backblast.
– Doogie came within 90 miles of posting on his all night voyage back from Taxachusetts.  Almost quite strong.