Two PAX arrived at the Top Shelf parking deck for an early Tuesday edition of F3. Even though he didn’t make it today, I’ll give Doogie props for trying. He was called to the ED for a consult 30 minutes prior to kick off. I know he wanted to be there.

The Thang:

Usual warm up: 100 yard jog and back
SSH x 20
Windmills x 20
Good Mornings x 20

Run to Seventh level (Top Shelf was wet this morning)

Suicide Circuits
Run to the first column and back, do an exercise
Run to the second column and back, repeat exercise
5 columns total. 5 sets total.

Set 1: Jump Lunges x 10 (50 total)
Set 2: WWII situps x 10 (50)
Set 3: SSH x 10 (50)
Set 4: Merkins x 10 (50)
Set 5: Knee jumps x 5 (25)

Run to stairwell and get to bottom floor.
Each flight right leg hop, left leg hop, two leg hop, run up. x 8 stories
Run back to bottom
Run back up 8 stories

LBC x 40
LSF x 40
Russian Hammers x 40
6″ leg raise bobbers x 40

Another good showing by Snow Plow. I’m out next Tuesday. Be back to Top Shelf on the 14th.