YHC has watched the construction at Lourdes with anticipation over the past few weeks as I noticed a beautiful new stairway was in the making.  Sure enough, the tape was torn off just in time for this morning’s Q and 20 PAX came for the fun. And, they installed lighting for us. Every Q has their thing – YHC loves stairs.


So here’s what we did . . .

The Thang:
Seal Jack x 25
Fazio Arm Circles x 15; reverse x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20

Count off one’s and two’s – form two lines a Indian Run around Lourdes campus ending at base of new stairs.

Partner up.
Stairbarrow up first three flights and flapjack for final three flights.
At top – 20 wheelbarrow derkins while partner maintains squat hold. Flapjack.
Stairbarrow again up first three flights and flapjack for final three flights. People’s Chair at top.

Head over to railing . . .
Dips (four count) x 20
Irkins (four count) x 20

Run across parking lot to some kind of terrace thing that was just built – time to break it in.  Terrace had four levels each perfectly spaced for some jump ups.  Group 1 Start at ground level and do five rounds of jump ups for a total of 20 jumpups.  Group 2 do LBCs x 20; Freddie Mercury x 20; American Hammers x 20.  Flajpack.  Repeat except this time do six rounds for a total of 24 jump ups.

Jack Webb (1-10)

Run to parking lot for some burpee suicides.  Run to first pine tree x 15 and back; second pine tree x 10 and back.

Head back to railing – Dips (four count) x 20.

Back to bottom of stairs – one more round of Stairbarrow!

Head over to new parking lot adjacent to soccer field for Mary:
Nippler Merkins x 20
WWII Situps x 25
Russian Hammers x 30

Announcements – Sign up for Mule on Oct 25.  No Catalyst or Whiplash on Saturday.

Prayer Requests – families of students who died this week and prayers for our country.

Gnobby took us out with class a grace as always.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q this great group.  YHC gets back much more than he gives to F3.