4 of our most stalwart PAX arrived (mostly) on-time at the infamous Top Shelf. It was noted that although the temperatures were only in the 50’s, our PAX had a varying degree of cover-up. Floyd wore the long sleeves, long pants combo while Flying J had shorts/long shirt. Doogie was rocking the gangster hoodie while Riggs went short sleeves/shorts. There was an intense fashion discussion about whose outfit was best. The ensuing drama almost resulted in forfeiture of the entire workout. Luckily, Floyd, the rock and cornerstone of all the workouts decided that instead of a walk-off, we would have a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who looked best.

SSH x 30
IW x 15
Windmills x 15
Sprint 100 yards, then high knees x 25y, butt kickers x 25y, karaoke x 50y

The Thang: Rock, Paper, Scissors
8 stations, each with three different workout possibilities. 2 PAX engage in a friendly RPS match, then do the corresponding workout (in bold below) The PAX were informed that these choices had been randomized so there was no way possible to “game” the system, which they totally would’ve done if it were possible (it wasn’t):

Rock: 15 McFlerkins, 5 burpees
Paper: 10 McFlerkins 10 burpees
Scissors: 5 McFlerkins 15 burpees

At the top of the stairs:
Rock: Run 2 flights of stairs, 10 balls to wall pushups at bottom, run up and repeat BTWPU at top
Paper: Run 8 flights of stairs, 4 balls to wall pushups at bottom, run up and repeat BTWPU at top
Scissors: Run 6 flights of stairs, 6 balls to wall pushups at bottom, run up and repeat BTWPU at top

Rock: 30 mountain climbers
Paper: 30 Russian Hammers
Scissors: 30 Knees to chest jumps

At the top of the 4 story corkscrew (exercise is per each level, 4 levels total):
Rock: 10 derkins going down, 10 SSH going up
Paper: 10 merkin twists going down, 10 burps going up
Scissors: 10 merkin jacks going down, 10 WWII situps going up

At the stairs, level 7:
Rock: run down 4 flights, bunny hop up to level 8
Paper: run down 4 flights, bear crawl up to level 8
Scissors: run down 4 flights, single leg hop up to level 8

Rock: Suicide runs 25y, 50y, 75y, 100y
Paper: 100 yard sprints while partners plank
Scissors: 4 100 yard sprints

Rock: 15 pullups while everyone does full plank
Paper: 10 pullups while everyone does 1/2 plank
Scissors: 5 pullups while everyone does 6″ plank

Rock: 30 dips, 10 derkins
Paper: 20 dips, 20 derkins
Scissors: 10 dips, 30 derkins

Backwards bicycles x 30
WWII x 1945 (19 then 40, 41…45)
Skinner to Krabapple x 15
Heels to heaven x 30

Sometimes I think they want me to Q just so they can mock me the whole time. It makes the workout go by so much quicker for them!
Good luck at the Tough Mudder next weekend guys
Doogie won the fashion debate, by a long shot. His only limitation is that he can’t turn left.