And so the PAX are shaped into a structure stronger than any building, one strike at a time.

Warm Up:

SSH x25, Good Morning x20, Wind Mill x15, Mountain Climber x20, Murkin x25, jog to the top of the dam.

The Thang:

Split into two groups, with 1’s doing Burpeesx20 at the top of the dam, 2’s Murkins x20 at the bottom. Flap jack with a bear crawl up/jog down. Round 1 x20, Round 2 x15, Round 3 x10, Round 4 x5 reps. Finish with a bear crawl race to the top. Guess which glass-slipper wearing punk made it to the top first.

Indian run with a lap around the big field, back around the the pull up bars for some circle of pain/pull-ups. Murkins, L-Sits, Shoulder Annihilators, Super Mans, Namaste Squats, Prisoner Squats, Peter Parkers, all x20.


LBC x30, Heels to Heaven x20, 45 degrees and 6″ holds until the Q said stop.


2nd F this thursday at Players Retreat on Hillsborough. 3rd F coming up week after next. New workout on Fridays (the Flood Zone).

Also learned the importance of keeping a flashlight in your car (welcome to F3, PC, we’re glad we found your keys).