11 pax showed up ready to go in the gloom on a cool Monday morning. Q is trying to shake his rep for running too much. Hope you guys are still feeling it.


Warmup: Good mornings x 20; Windmills x 20; Imperial Walker x 20; Run loop around park back to baseball field.

Group 1 does wheelbarrow for about 25 yards, straight into wheelbarrow merkins x 20; Group 2 does dealer’s choice Mary until Group 1 returns; Flapjack; Repeat with bear crawls and diamond merkins x 20; Crab walk and wide grip merkins x 20; Lunge walk and burpees x 20; Carolina dry docks x 20; diamond merkins x 20

Run to swing set area and do swing set rows x 20 and decline merkins, with a few squats thrown in for good measure.

Run to shelter for dips and more merkins, alternating dips x 20, decline merkins x 20, diamond merkins x 20, and incline merkins x 20. Last set of dips x 10 and incline merkins x 10.

Run loop back to parking lot for COT.

Welcome to You My Boy Blue! (FNG) – Epoxy recruit.