Prince Charming
The PAX assembled, the VSF planted, and we got after it.  Dufresne and his family were headed out for the evening after our workout so every second counted.

The Thang:

Leg presses – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg rolls – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg lifts – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Chicken wings – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Pile drivers – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Checkin’ the animal for weapons – set of 20
Core sit ups (LBCs) – set of 20 with a three count pause at the top
Happy jacks – set of 20

Pack Man, Cinderella, Dufresne, and YHC circled up for ball of man.  Cinderella prayed us out and asked for continued strength for Dufresne and his family, and the gift of fellowship through Hopebuilder.


  • 3rd F Dinner 11/12/13 at Tyler’s Taproom, 18 Seaboard Avenue #150.  RSVP to Fazio at
  • T-Claps to Flatline and Epoxy for their first Hopebuilder posts last Friday and to Maize for serving as QIC on short notice. Total of four new Qrusaders making their first post to Hopebuilder last week – STRONG!
  • Cinderella borders on superhuman during most F3 workouts, but he also holds sway with the ladies.  Cinderella shared the story of how he received his F3 name to Pack Man (Dufresne’s 7-year old son) which was witnessed by Dufresne’s 2.0 (daughter) Annalise.  Cinderella still has the magic.  Annalise was visibly thrilled to have “Prince Charming” in her living room.
  • YHC commented to Cinderella after the workout how strong Dufresne’s legs have become over the last two weeks.  We are adding more resistance and keeping the reps and sets about the same.  Dufresne is working mighty hard and progress is visible.
  • Before you consume mass quantities of candy tomorrow (or just “screen” your kid’s haul) check the link below and make a point to join us for a Hopebuilder workout in the near future.  Just add you name to the date/time that works for you.  Workouts take place Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 4:00 pm at Dufresne’s home.  Like all F3 workouts, QIC will lead you through, work attire is encouraged, and you won’t be the same after as you were before.