VSF was planted and the PAX went to work on Stefan’s masterpiece…the man is the definition of Swag…
Posted on behalf of Stefan:
6 PAX strong turned out this morning to run circles around the ancient pyramids of Chapel Hill at the OEC. Good time was had by all.
The Thang:
Jog to church lot:
SSH x 30
Imperial walker x 25
Mountain climber x 30
Merkin x 10
LBC x 30
Indian run back to OEC lot
Circular Pyramids:
Bear crawl half way up the left side of parking lot, sprint to the end
Burpees at the end
Lunge half way down the other side of parking lot, sprint to end
Carolina Dry Docks at the end, then jog across to starting point
11 rounds total, with Burpees and Carolina Dry Docks done pyramid style (round one: 2, round two: 4 . . . round six: 12, round seven: 10 . . . Round eleven: 2)
6 MoM:
LBC x 20
Little flutter x 10
LBC x 20
Rosalita x 10
Dolly x 10
LBC x 10
Monday workout on the horizon. Watch the website and twitter ( @F3ChapelHill ) for more info. Fetzer Field and its stadium stairs will beef up your quads (M’s dig the quads).
TClaps to Earth Mover for coming from Greenville (Swamp Rat chapter). Awesome that F3 Nation is that strong now- if work or life takes you on the road, there’s always a workout to start your morning off right.
Bastille on Fridays. Get your tail there. Last week was awesome, and we all know the glory Adolphus can dial up with such a huge playground at his fingertips.
Very proud of the PAX. You could grow a garden in that asphalt with all of the sweat we’ve poured in over the past two months. Let’s keep up the good work and keep growing.
Zack Morris has the Q next week. Expect to run and look good doing it…