Twenty five pax posted on Monday morning at North Hills to start another week of F3.  Seasoned Salt’s inaugural Q was a success with a challenging workout.

The Thang:

Warmup: 25 Good Mornings, 30 Tin Man Walking, 30 Side Shuffle Hops, 25 Mountain Climbers, Jog down the road, around the circle, and back to the parking lot

Split into two groups, one group sprints about 80 yds, five burpees, and sprints back.  Other group does exercises.  Switch.  6 down and back with burpees in between.  Exercises were star jumps, squats, diamond merkins, little baby squats, wide arm merkins, and carolina dry docks.

Jog down and back up Sisyphus’ Hill in two groups.  Glad some guys wore head lamps.

Over to tennis courts for some side slide basketball defense position suicides.  Two sets with 20 count balls to the wall in between.

Finish out with Mary.  30 count LBC, 15 count dying cockroach, 20 count American Hammers, 6 inch leg hold with five count around the circle

Prayer Requests for Carroll Slaymaker and Potterville’s mother, both of whom are battling cancer.  Prayers also this week for the Pax to consider how we as Raleigh F3 can serve men in the triangle as part of the F3 Foundation