2 Pax (same as always) arrived at the parking deck promptly at 4:50 for a little vigorous exercise. Congrats to Snow Plow for consistently posting over the past 2 months. He has made a lifestyle change and the results are starting to show.

100 yard jog and back
SSH x 20
Windmills x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
LBAC x ??

The Thang: Stair Beast
Starting at top of stairs, each flight down and up is a station. 6 stations, 6 reps, 6 sets
Set 1: Merkins x 36
Set 2: Air squats x 36
Set 3: Carolina Dry Docks x 36
Set 4: Jump Lunges x 36
Set 5: WWII Situps x 36
Set 6: Inclined Merkins x 36

Run to corkscrew and run down 4 levels.
At bottom, pick up long big ass pipe.
40 bicep curls, 20, 10, 5
40 shoulder presses, 20, 10, 5

Alternate walking lunge up corkscrew, then run, lunge, run

LBC x 30
LSF x 30
Bicycle x 30
6″ leg raise bobbers x 30

Keep it up Snow Plow
Floyd debuted the new Duke Blue F3 Durham shirt. Sexy!