The rain sort of stopped and a PAX of 8 struck out on the 5th all time installment of Lourdes of Discipline.  After a quick pre-game recon mission by YHC, it was determined that there was no flood and we were good to go.


Warm up: SSH x 30, imperial walkers x 20, good mornings x 20.

Jog down the greenway, stop for 10 burpees on the bridge, and proceed to the first field for:

Gassers with Exercises: Line up on one sideline, sprint across the field, do 10 reps of an exercise, sprint back across, 10 more reps, sprint back across, 10 more reps, sprint back to the start line. Eight gassers total. Exercises included standard merkins, star jumps, diamond merkins, reverse lunges, Carolina dry docks, LBCs, squats, burpees.

Jog to the picnic shelter for sevens:

6 pull ups, run from shelter to the baseball field, 1 squat. Run back, 5 pull ups, 2 squats, and so forth.

3 Minutes of Mary on the basketball court: LBCs x 30, heels to heaven x 20, rosalitas x 20, windshield wipers x 20.

Jog back toward the greenway, stop for Jack Webbs but starting at 5 up to 10.

Jog it down the greenway back to the cars.

COT (including non-ball of man prayer)

  • 9/11 Stair Climb.  Flood Zone site, 5:30 am.  Please arrive early and carpool if possible.
  • Box Jump has joined forces with Munson and T Square for the Mud Run.  Notice to the Panda.
  • The first field at Kiwanis Park has a “crowned” surface. This means the middle for the field is elevated to allow for proper drainage. Once common across the American sporting landscape, although never appreciated by the soccer folks, crowned surfaces have just recently fallen out of favor on college and professional football fields and are starting to disappear.  F3 Knowledge.