Q sign-ups have been slow at Dawn Patrol, hopefully due to the winter that is slowly getting behind us. The blast was sent out over the Twitters, but with less than 24 hours notice and 100% rain in the forecast, YHC’s expectations for a site Q Q were high. Co-site Q Woody would be out helping care for his newborn, so YHC was the guy.

I did not want to get out of the fartsack that morning. I grudgingly got in my gear, threw a poncho in the car, and headed off to Laurel Hills for 5:30am EC. Not surprisingly, I was the only one there at 5:25. I was not-so-secretly hoping no one showed so I could bail and drive home and get back in bed. 5:30am passed, and still alone, I just waited in my car. 05:35 am and I saw a pair of headlights coming in. I would soon know this was BuzzFeed, unhappy he was late to EC.  Later BuzzFeed would say I must’ve thought ‘ah, man’ when he drove up. That wasn’t what I thought.

Anyways, well, it’s on! BuzzFeed got out of his car and headed to the covered entrance to the park building. I got out and followed. I went back to get the poncho and realized I had the kids’ poncho. Oh well, getting wet anyways. Back to work. He and I did some very weak exercises, probably too weak to consider EC. We were really just waiting for the main event. Before 05:45 we were joined by Western Stranger and Believer, only a week or so in the gloom. 05:45 hits, I give a somewhat more detailed disclaimer than I have in the past thanks to a podcast, and it’s time to get wet. #twss

Warm Up:

-jog a big loop around the parking lot, end at the picnic shelter

-Side Straddle Hops x25, Good Mornings x25, Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward x25 reverse x25, Mercans x25, Imperial Walkers x25, L-R Step Ups x25, Ircans x25, Dips x25

Main Event:

Inspired by/Copying Franzia’s rock work segment of his Q a few weeks ago, we jog to get rocks and come back to the shelter as home base. Partner up. One Partner runs the big loop while the other partner does rock work. When runner returns, partners switch. Partners work to combine for 200 Curls, 200 Triceps Extensions, 200 Bent Over Rows (Ruh-Rohs), 200 Squats. This took most of the workout time. Return rocks, return to shelter for Mary.


YHC was gassed upon returning rocks, so I called an audible asking BuzzFeed to start Mary. Western Stranger stepped up and ran the whole thing. T-claps to you, good sir!

Since I was tardy to the party, I don’t remember all the exercises, but there were World War 2s (technically WWIs), LBCs, Windshield Wipers, Freddy Mercurys.


Sign up for the Mule. Continued prayers for Far Side’s friend who lost his mother and house/apartment (fire) in the same week. There were others, I am blanking. Western Stranger took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

Boy I wanted to bail this morning, and I tried. Wonderful that 3 PAX showed up and put me on the Accountability hook. So glad we did it. Thank you, men!


QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Believer, Buzzfeed, Pigpen (YHC), Western Stranger
Workout Date: 03/01/18