If you are reading this, please consider yourself cordially invited to a ruckoff at the #chonglidojo immediately following the end of this weekend’s custom GORUCK Challenge in Raleigh (whenever that is).  We will have (cheap) beer and burgers and hot dogs.  We’ll also have some other stuff (whatever Costco has on sale).  We will be outside.  The Dojo is lovely this time of year.  If you want to sit in a chair, you should probably bring one of those.  If you want to drink beer that costs more than $0.50 a can, you should probably bring that too.  Otherwise, just show up and enjoy the stories as we reminisce about how we just throat punched a bunch of dragons and demons and such.  Some of the best 2nd F comes after staying up all night with your buddies and then deliriously recounting (or lying about) the previous evening.  Hope you will join us.  All are welcome – ruckers and the unrucked.


215 Lord Berkley Rd

Raleigh, NC


Sound off with HCs below so we can get a head count.

PS – A note to anyone intending to shadow the Challenge: All shadows will need to get specific instructions on how to shadow from Cadre Dan before the challenge starts.  Please plan on being at the Capitol no later than 9:00 to hear what Dan has to say.