The City of Oaks Half Marathon has arrived. PAX are planning to park at Cameron Village Fresh Market at 615a, and then running over to the start-line for the race. If you don;t meet us there, plan to gather at the 1:45 Pace Sign near the Tower before the race.

Stay true to your paces from training – although you should be able to go faster than your Long Run pace. YHC and Ben Johnson will be pacing for a 1:40. Sound off in the comments with your goal time.

Logistics to think about –
* REMEMBER THE TIME CHANGE – fall back. Race time is 7:00a on Sunday.
* You should have received an email with details about packet pick-up at the McKimmon Center.
* It will be cold on Sunday morning. 32 – 35 degrees with some wind. Dress smartly and think about hats and gloves. You should remember how to dress for the Gloom from last Winter.
* Keep in mind – we will be standing around for 20+ minutes before and after the race. I would recommend having something disposable / sheddable to wear pre-race. I am likely to throw on a trashbag before hand. You should also look at using the bag check for some warmer clothes afterwards.
* Remember hydration and nutrition during the run. 13.1 or 26.2 is too long to go without on course nutrition.

Again – sound off in the Comments if we will see you there.

Good luck, and have fun. AYE!