Run to church parking lot. Circle up for warm up.

  • SSH X25
  • Good Morning X15
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse)
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Plank Jacks X25
  • Wide Grip Merkins X10

Line up for bear crawl suicides.  Bear crawl 2 parking space lines, run back, 15 Prisoner squats, bear crawl 4 spaces, run back, 15 monkey humpers, repeat until crawling to 8th line.

Repeato with wide grip merkins and LBC’s at end line.

Run back to park with merkin run.  QIC calls out man down and then merkins in cadence.

Eventually made way to baseball field.  Divide up into teams of 3.  One partner on right field line doing burpee star jumps, other partner runs to left field line, and 3 partner on left field line doing prisoner squats.  Team rotates through each station until QIC calls time.

Line up along infield/outfield line for plank-o-rama.  When QIC calls recover – PAZ sprint to outfield fence and back.  3 plank-o-rame rotations.

Make way to b-ball courts for 2-sets of suicides.  1st set had group one doing max rep (aka “am rep” or now known as “Mack Truck” as PAX thought QIC asked group 1 to do Mack Truck merkins).  2nd set included monkey humpers and merkins.

Mary back at parking lot.  American Hammers X25 and protractor crunch.


  • Convergence workout on Thanksgiving at 7:00am at Dawn Patrol – all other workouts cancelled
  • Turkey Trot – 8:00am.  Let’s represent F3 well!  $5 off for early registration.
  • Order winter gear on website!

Rain Man took men out with reading from 1 John on self examination and asking for forgiveness from our sins.