14 Pax Joined YHC Halloween Friday AM. Nothing scarier than pain. eerie silence held over the pax virtually the whole workout.

Disclaimer found to be unnecessary as mute people can’t call lawyers to sue- Warm up jog to the far end of the park. Then, 7x Good morning, 14x Imperial Walkers, 14x Mountain Climbers, Merkin pyramid up to 6 and back down.

Two lines, head back to the Shelter, Modified Indian Run: Before your sprint to the front, 10x Merkin.  At the shelter: Balls to the Wall until all PAX arrive, then alternate L arm up 5 sec, regular 5 sec, R arm up 5 sec in BTW- 7x.

Still not hearing any mumble chatter…

30x Air squats, 30x L R step ups, 15x Derkins. 5 sec around the horn on a people’s chair. 30x air squats, 30x L R Step ups, 15x derkins. Recover on the jog to the park entrance. Squat Hold until all Pax arrive. Boat Canoes, 9 sec in each hold, 14x.

Guess what? …still no mumble chatter.

Lunge Walk/ Bear Crawl to the Rock pile. Grab a heavy rock. Note for future Juggernauts: a “heavy” rock cannot be held in one hand, it’s too heavy for that.

Circle up, 10x curls, 10x tricep press, 10x bent over rows, 10x shoulder press. Pass your rock until you get the rock you started with. We finished on a tricep press which was held. In order to be relieved, start with 1 PAX he drops his rock in the pile sprints back to the circle and tags someone, both men then sprint to the pile partner bearing the rock drops it and both sprint back and tag 2 more etc until all are tagged.

Jog back to the grass by the shelter for some Merry. 30x LBC, 15x box cutter, 30x Reverse LBC, 15x Hello Dolly, 30x American Hammer.

Moleskin: F3 connect- sign up, only 15 spots left. Nessman has the link.


3rdF- Let God do more with you than you think you can. It helps to think about the other guy.